Blacks and Whites will never bridge the ugliness and ignorance of our shared history in America unless we teach each other how to heal.

~ George Lewis


Like carefully planting a tree so that the roots grow true and deep, Culturally-Directed Motivational Healing seeks to build strong self-esteem, self-worth and self-knowledge, so that stable, sustainable recovery from substance use can be built on a strong foundation.


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You don’t choose your family, they are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

~ Desmond Tutu


Motivational Consulting is a motivational lecture and group facilitation service provider that offers training and informational products focused on helping therapeutic professionals understand and assist clients of different ethnic, cultural, and social groups.

About Motivational Consulting, Inc.

Motivational Consulting Inc. has the unique advantage of having produced a culturally directed workbook series to help those professionals who provide services to Black Americans in the substance use treatment, therapy, behavioral and mental health field. Our educational materials can be selected from our website based on your group, lecture or facilitation topics. Our team of consultants can assist you with presentations, lectures or trainings. Take a look at what we are offering and decide if we might be of service to you and your organization.

Industry Experience

Motivational Consulting Inc. is led by founder and CEO George Lewis, who has more than 19 years of experience in the human services industry as a Counselor, Group Facilitator and Motivational Speaker. George has facilitated, lectured and presented on the topics of domestic violence, substance use, and culturally directed topics.


If you are looking for a position with Motivational Consulting Inc., as a Culturally Directed Program Staff Trainer, Facilitator or Presenter, complete the form below to submit your information. We look forward to working together! Be sure to include how you heard about us, what practice area you are interested in, and any other information you would like to share. Once we have exchanged emails, you will have an opportunity to send us your resume.

Seeking Talent

If you are interested in having one of our professionals work with your clients or staff, please complete the form below. For more immediate assistance or questions regarding our products and services, please call us at 763 670-7167 or email:

Our Professional Talent

Our professionals provide lectures, presentations and staff support for Bami Soro. The Bami Soro Workbook Collection and the Addict Chronicles DVD series can be used by therapists, counselors, and behavioral health, mental health, and other professionals seeking to enhance the treatment experience of Black American patients and clients. We encourage you to take the next step and develop culturally-directed sensitivity and cross-cultural communications in your organization. Our consultants can provide the expert support that will help you realize your goals.

Our Team

Our Motivational Consulting Team is a diverse and talented group of professionals with extensive experience in the human services field. They offer valuable and varied expertise in addition to providing Bami Soro’s Culturally-Directed Program presentations and trainings. Our team’s professionals are exceptionally suited to assist you in the development of your culturally-specific programming.


George Lewis

CEO / Motivational Speaker

George is founder and CEO of Motivational Consulting, Inc. and has more than 18 years of experience in the human services industry.

Jennifer Lewis

President / Director of Operations

I have the pleasure of fulfilling two roles with Motivational Consulting as President I work with the CEO making decisions that further our mission as stated in our mission statement. My second role is Director of Operations. I have the responsibility of making the everyday decisions that enables Motivational Consulting to operate smoothly. I love my jobs.

Sammer Elkhateeb

Motivational Consultant

I enjoy engaging people in early recovery in discussions that create an atmosphere of recovery. I am comfortable going beyond the superficial, using my own experiences in recovery as a springboard to launch discussions that inspire thought, provoke conversation and guide clients to share openly about there own experiences.

Jackie Shorr

Motivational Consultant

My passion is to engage with addicts in recovery. Interacting and discussing topics that inspires us to think about where we are in our own recovery at that very moment. Pushing our minds past what we previously comprehended about where we stood in life. Listening to the similarities that a group of people have in common realizing no one is alone and inspiring hope.

Kristine Longfield

Motivational Consultant

Being a woman in recovery, has changed my whole life inside and out. Being a woman in recovery who’s been granted the opportunity to become a lecturer for our recovering population gives me the duty of reciprocity. It allows me to give and receive positive support. I am placed in the position to learn and influence different perspectives, and exercise human compassion.

Blake Hjelme

Motivational Consultant

I am truly blessed and honored to be able to carry the message to new people in recovery.I consider it a life long commitment and is something I take very seriously.My biggest goal is to carry a message of hope and inspiration to all.

Zhawin Gonzalez

Motivational Consultant

I believe the only way to be of help to someone is to challenge their ideas. Sharing gems I’ve picked up along my own recovery path, together with my worldview as a proud member of the White Earth, Band of Ojibwe, helps me serve the healing process.

Kim Lawson

Motivational Consultant

I have worked with people in early recovery, in several capacities for over 22 years. I’m a woman in long term recovery, it remains my passion to help those in early recovery develop healthy recovery experiences, connect to strong support systems, community resources and health and wellness that helps the recovering person develop a successful recovery journey.

Lance Anderson

IT Consultant

My two main passions are technology and recovery. Through the grace of a loving higher power, I get to blend them by being the IT consultant for Motivational Consulting Inc.(MCI). I know George well and it’s my pleasure to work with him and Jen. I see the great work they are doing and I’m honored to be a part of it.

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